Understanding Data Privacy Series of workshops design to explain
what data privacy means, what your rights are as a consumer.
February 4th @GRID
February 6th @UMDLaw
First Session
The general lunch and
learn Data Privacy
Tuesday, February 4th
12PM – 1PM
Graduate Research
Innovation District
875 Hollins Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Free street parking is available
Biopark Garage,1 N Poppleton Street, is 0.1 mile away
Second Session
Thursday, February 6th
12PM – 1:30PM
University of Maryland
Carey School of Law
500 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Street parking is for a charge and Baltimore Grand Garage,
1 North Paca Street is 114 ft away

No background in law or cybersecurity is required. Attendance is free upon sign up. Launch will be provided.

Saime Kasim

Why To Attend

After massive data breach incidents including major banks, Yahoo and Google, it is now accepted that data privacy is a standard requirement for any new technology or service involving personal data. But do you know if your personal information is really protected? Is there any legal step that you can take in case an identity theft? Are you aware of your responsibilities as a website owner/ business owner under General Data Protection Regulations and under California Consumer Privacy Act? What might a data breach cost for a business? How to create a safe environment for both consumers and business owners?